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The Downs Light Railway Trust is an independent registered charitable organisation, who own and operate the Downs Light Railway for the educational benefit of children.

Situated within the grounds of The Downs Malvern, the Downs Light Railway is the world's oldest, and most internationally renowned, private miniature railway. At the track gauge of 9 ½ inches in width, it is one of a handful of railways of this gauge - once a popular size for many estate railways of the Edwardian Era.

The Downs Light Railway Trust has a small collection of narrow gauge locomotives, together with some ⅞ mile of track around the school grounds. The children meet once a week during the school timetable to maintain and operate the railway.

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  • December 2015 - New DVD available!

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  • September 2014 - Railway Action Group launches

    The Railway Action Group has recently been formed by parents and supporters of the Downs Light Railway. Follow their page to keep up-to-date with progress on restoring the railway ahead of the 90th birthday of the railway in 2015.

  • July 2012 - All go!

    Over the last 5 months Hoyland Down has been the centre of a big restoration project to relay the track work with the temporary accommodation for the locomotives. In addition, James Boyd's boiler has been completed and is awaiting refitting!

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  • Jan 2012 - Update on the Railway

    From July 2011, the Downs Light Railway stopped as an activity for the children, to allow for some essential maintenance to be carried out to the buildings which had become detrimental to the safety of the locomotives. The maintenance was unfortunately delayed, to allow for material to be removed under specialist conditions. With this task completed in November 2011, the school will provide temporary accommodation for the locomotives in the new year.

    During this time, the overhaul to the locomotive James Boyd uncovered a deteriorated condition of its boiler, and after some repair work, found the condition unsuitable. The condition is currently being surveyed, and there is a potential that the boiler will need replacing. With two of the three steam locomotives effectively undergoing overhauls, it was decided to complete some substantial infrastructure works to the terminus at Hoyland Down.

    Together with the limited availability of staff over the winter period, all of the work under way is outside the ability of the children. It is hoped that the railway will return to a suitable state from April to enable the children to continue the work. Until this time, the railway will not be available for the Children as an activity.

The Downs Light Railway is the world's oldest private miniature railway situated within the grounds of an independant preparatory school. It is one of two railways in the United Kingdom to be operated and maintained by children.

The Downs Malvern

The Downs Light Railway Trust

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